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Families Matter Most!

The most important place for growing strong, healthy adults is in the hearts of the children in your own family. The problem is, many of us either experience personal brokenness and the breakdown of our families or we see it happening to those around us. The key to creating lasting change in our lives and communities is through the formation of relationships. Family God's Way connects those that are hurting with those that want to help so relationships can be formed and lives can be changed!

We do this by training volunteer Family Coaches to help serve and impact their community. Through role modeling & mentoring, Coaches build genuine, meaningful relationships with hurting families that are searching for change, answers and hope.

The result? Families are transformed on the basis of an authentic relationship with Christ and are given the opportunity to build their own family on a foundation that doesn't change - sound Biblical principles.

Join the movement today by becoming a volunteer Family Coach, praying for families in your community or by supporting this important work.